RSI provides technology, tools, materials and know-how to give our regional partners a sustainable competitive advantage.

RSI will only grant one exclusive manufacturing license for each negotiated geographic region that has natural barriers to entry. Proprietary technology and an exclusive regional license will ensure that our partners will be the cost and profitability leader in their region.

RSI will supply the key tools for the deposition of cadmium sulfide and cadmium telluride. The rest of the manufacturing line is industry standard and available from our certified equipment vendors. RSI essentially offers a "virtual turnkey" line at an unprecedented low cost of ownership. 

Only companies with a differentiated technology and an inherent cost advantage are consistently making margins in today's photovoltaic manufacturing business.  You know who they are.  Meanwhile, any manufacturer can purchase a crystalline silicon manufacturing line. They can reduce the wafer thickness or tweak the efficiency, but crystalline silicon is reaching a cost plateau.  These companies have no differentiation so they compete by trading away margin.

Meanwhile, as the manufacturing cost of modules falls relative to shipping costs and duties, regional manufacturing becomes increasingly viable.  Communities and governments want to produce locally to provide jobs and energy security.

RSI is the only company offering CdTe technology in large module sizes, offering a sustainable cost advantage over crystalline silicon and other thin film alternatives.  RSI works with regional manufacturing partners to deliver the lowest cost locally manufactured photovoltaic modules, with the lowest possible capital investment.

Why partner with RSI?

RSI offers the only opportunity to license a proven CdTe thin film technology using large format modules:

  • Cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin film has proven efficiency, reliability, sustainability and profitability. RSI offers a proven CdTe architecture in a new form factor.
  • Module sizes are getting larger due to balance of system cost benefits and improved installation techniques.
  • RSI is the only company offering efficient CdTe technology in large module sizes, due to our patented low temperature electroplating process.
  • RSI's capital efficient process and large module size also results in a significant and sustainable manufacturing cost advantage.
  • RSI is the only company offering CdTe electroplating tools and technology licenses exclusively to regional manufacturing partners.
  • RSI expects to grant no more than 6 to 8 exclusive regional/national licenses.

 Please  contact us  if you would like to become a regional manufacturing partner. If you are a project developer you can  contact us   to be updated on the availability of large format CdTe modules in your country.