RSI provides technology, tools, materials and know-how to the leaders in photovoltaic manufacturing.  The company was founded in 2009 by  a team of capital equipment veterans based in Silicon Valley, California.  The RSI team has worked together for many years and have deep experience in ramping from development to production. 

RSI has developed a proprietary  process for rapid efficient electroplating on large-areas. This process enables the manufacture of large cadmium telluride solar panels. Compared to silicon modules they are two-thirds the cost for the same module size and energy output. Compared to conventional CdTe modules they are almost three times the size, leading to lower  manufacturing & installation costs.  See the Technology page for more information.

RSI works with regional manufacturing partners to deliver the lowest cost, locally manufactured photovoltaic modules. Only one exclusive manufacturing license will be granted for each region. See the Manufacturing Partner page for more information.